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Pure Nickel Strips of Sticky Tape, Have You Ever Seen?

Jun. 30, 2023

Recently, Shijiazhuang Chengyuan Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. has successfully delivered a batch of special pure nickel strips. At the request of customers, it is necessary to stick special tape on the surface of the strips. Customers can directly stick the pure nickel strips to objects during use. on the device. Before receiving inquiries from customers, we have never been in contact with this product form. After many consultations, many large-scale pure nickel strip manufacturers have only heard of such a product form, but have not actually operated it, so we cannot give technical advice. help on .

Pure Nickel Strips of Sticky Tape

The technical difficulty of this type of order is to glue the tape on the pure nickel tape on the one hand, and on the other hand to ensure that the surface of the tape is flat and the edges are smooth after pasting, which is not an easy task. More importantly, what the customer needs this time is a pure nickel foil that is much, much thinner than ordinary pure nickel strips. There are two specifications in total, the thickness is 0.03 and 0.012, which adds another gradient to our technical difficulty. Because such a thin pure nickel foil itself has very low hardness and the material is relatively soft, it is easy to break during the process of pasting the tape.

Pure Nickel Strips of Sticky Tape

Sure enough, during our subsequent processing, a roll of pure nickel foil was broken 5 times. We stopped it urgently and continued to adjust the plan. We tried again and again on how to keep the nickel foil smooth and smooth. Finally, our technicians broke through a series of technical difficulties. From the beginning, there were always problems such as breakage, wrinkles, air bubbles, and misalignment, to the perfect integration of the nickel tape and the adhesive tape. We succeeded!


After seeing the photos, the customer was very surprised and moved. He said: "I asked many companies, and they all rejected me. Only you, did not give up this list, and did a nice job!Thank you very much!"

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