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Quality and Capabilities


Shijiazhuang Chengyuan Alloy Material Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production of nickel alloys, putting the needs of customers first, meeting the customized needs of customers using metal wire, strip, plate and bar under many specific conditions, and Do our best to broaden the range of product specifications. For more than 10 years, we have conducted strict quality inspections on each batch of products, and have strict packaging systems for different product forms. We produce in strict accordance with national standards. At present, our company has mastered GOST 12766.1-90, 12766.2-90, GOST 10160-75, GOST 14080-78, GOST 2170-2016; ASTM, DIN and other standard production technologies. Of course, in many cases, customers will put forward non-national standard requirements, and the required alloy materials need to meet the technical support and performance requirements under specific national standards. For this, our engineers are used to every test and improvement, facing difficulties and actively Help clients with any challenges they may face. There are many such cases, such as:


(1) After repeated processing, our nickel-chromium wire can be as thin as 0.02mm, the tolerance can be controlled within ±0.002, and the meter resistance can be controlled within 3%. Customers will not be deformed when heated for a long time during use, the heat will be even, and there will be no "dropping" phenomenon.


(2) Some customers have extremely high requirements on the surface of pure nickel wire. By improving the production process and technology, the product can be inspected under a microscope to see a smooth and flat surface, even in the face of pure nickel frame wire over 1mm (thick wire) ), the surface of the wire we produce can still accept the rigorous inspection under the microscope.


(3) The outer diameter of our pure nickel strip can be more than 1 meter, which is extremely rare in the entire industry, and the technical difficulty is extremely high, and many suppliers have given up. By controlling the surface roughness of the nickel strip and strictly controlling the thickness, we have avoided the problems of fracture and deformation of the strip due to uneven stress during the slitting process, and finally successfully delivered it to the customer, which was praised by the customer sincerely. “It was a surprise."


(4) Our technicians have completed the independent research and development of zirconium-added nickel-chromium products. nickel-chromium ni80cr20-h products have always been a difficult technical problem in the electrothermal alloy industry. Because of the particularity of zirconium metal, it is easy to volatilize during the melting process, and the content is extremely difficult to control. Our engineers must ensure the zirconium content of the final product Within the scope of the customer's requirements, it is necessary to control the cost of the amount of zirconium materials as low as possible, because with the increase of zirconium in the alloy, the yield of the product will decrease significantly. After repeated tests and constant adjustments to the smelting method, the nickel-chromium cr20ni80-h products were finally launched stably and entered the stage of mass production.


Our confidence comes from the professional pursuit of the alloy industry, as well as the continuous development and innovation of new processes and technologies proposed by customers. Whether you need high-quality products or product-related technical assistance, we can help and support You rise to any challenge that may come your way.


Quality and Capabilities